The Village Phone Box

20x16 ins

This is a giclee print from an original watercolour.Giclee printing allows us to do one print at a time and so sizes can be altered to suit what you require. So although the size here is 20x16 ins other sizes are available. Please get in touch by clicking "contact" and I can help with more information.

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  1. Mike Hansen avatar
    Mike Hansen Nov 20, 2015

    Hello, I would really like to have a copy of the village phone box in the size 20 x 16 inches. But I live in Germany. Would you be so Kind to send a copy to Germany? What would that cost? Best regards Mike Hansen

  2. rachel mcnaughton avatar
    rachel mcnaughton Nov 26, 2015

    Hi Mike,
    I think you contacted me before about this? I couldnt trace the e mail so I am really pleased you got in touch again.
    I can do a print of the Village Phone Box 20x16 ins. It will cost £50 £12 postage. Is that ok for you?
    How would you like to pay? Paypal is safest—if you have an account? Or bank transfer.
    Let me know and as soon as the payment is received I can get the print done for you.
    Once in the post it should take 3 days to get to Germany plus whatever postal timings there are within Germany .
    Let me know which is best for you
    Best wishes Rachel